22 March 2006


Molly Ivans on Alternet discusses a wonderful way to transform the American electoral system--by-passing the need to amend the Constitution:

National Popular Vote has a dandy new approach. Instead of trying to amend the Constitution through a long, difficult process that can and will be stalled by small sates, the campaign proposes a simpler, elegant solution. According to the Constitution, each state legislature can instruct its own electors to cast their votes however the state decides, usually as winner-take-all for whichever candidate carries the state. But there is no reason a state legislature cannot instruct its electors to vote for whomever wins the popular vote. . . . Wouldn't it be fun? Candidates campaigning everywhere -- everyone's vote wanted?

Fun indeed! Personally, I'm sick of our system where certain states matter while we know how other states will vote even before the candidates are announced.

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