3 March 2006

Situation now worse than when Saddam was in power

The grounds for Shrub's war just keep crumbling. The following report is especially damning:

Human rights abuses in Iraq are as bad now as they were under Saddam Hussein, as lawlessness and sectarian violence sweep the country, the former U.N. human rights chief in Iraq said Thursday. John Pace, who last month left his post as director of the human rights office at the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq, said the level of extra-judicial executions and torture is soaring, and morgue workers are being threatened by both government-backed militia and insurgents not to properly investigate deaths. "Under Saddam, if you agreed to forgo your basic right to freedom of expression and thought, you were physically more or less OK," Pace said in an interview with The Associated Press. "But now, no. Here, you have a primitive, chaotic situation where anybody can do anything they want to anyone."

I'm reminded of a Pink Floyd lyric:

So, so you thought you could tell
Heaven from hell


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Women in the country are really pissed, they actually had more rights under Saddam.

What does that say about shrubs type of democracy?

Karlo said...

Mao said something about power coming from a barrel of a gun. Shrub, on the other hand, is looking more at barrels of oil. I don't think Shrub has a "style of democracy."