27 March 2006

RNA interference

Ah, the wonders of science! We will soon get to have our cake (and our salted pork rinds) and eat them too.

A single injection of a new type of drug could cut cholesterol levels by two thirds and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and blocked arteries, a study has found.

Scientists have successfully interfered with the gene involved in producing high levels of harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream using a treatment that promises to revolutionise medicine.

Using synthetic molecules of RNA - a close relative of DNA, the molecule of inheritance - scientists have silenced the gene for apolipoprotein B (apoB), which plays a critical role in the metabolism of cholesterol.

The treatment is one of many that are being developed using the phenomenon of RNA interference which promises to create new ways of tackling a range of illnesses from cancer and genetic disorders to viral infections.


Left of Center said...

wow, I posted in RNAi today, not having seen your post.

Karlo said...

Great minds think alike.

cynthia said...

Ah, the wonders of modern science...