2 March 2006

Nigerians: Solidly behind Bush!

The BBC recently ran a poll asking citizens of 35 countries various questions about Shrub's War. Asked whether the war has decreased, increased, or had no effect on the threat of terrorism, only Nigerians (29%, 6%, 49%) and Mexicans (10%, 59%, 12%) felt that it has made terrorism less likely. (Nigeria must be full of very understanding people, willing to buck public opinion to support the president, and also constantly offering to send me money from accounts I didn't know I had.)

Both Iraqis (75%, 11%, 12%) and Americans (55%, 21%, 21%), on the other hand, solidly agreed with the opinion that Shrub's War has made us less safe from terrorism--quite an amazing statistic if one considers that this was one of the primary reasons among the kaleidoscope of justifications for the war (Was this reason number 17? I lost count.)

The poll results showed more ambiguous responses to the question of whether the U.S. and its allies should have removed Saddam from power (overall, 36% for, 45% opposed). People were also split about what the U.S. should do now, although in this case, the question seemed to be very loaded, asking if the U.S. should "stay in Iraq until it becomes stable"? (Someone at the BBC needs to enroll in a survey writing course.) Overall, 35% said it should stay and 32% that it should pull out. I wonder what the response would have been had they loaded the question in the opposite direction, asking "Should the U.S. stay in Iraq until it erupts into full-fledged civil war or should it cut its losses and pull out now?"

If you want a laugh, look at The Big Pharoah's attempt to give this poll a positive rightwing spin on Agoravox. The Shrub misadministration needs to hire this man as a fact-picker. (I'd say "fact-checker" except for the fact that Cheney has done away with that position.)

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