28 March 2006

Meritocracy: A myth?

Dollars & Sense recently published an interesting interview with Lani Guinier, the author of the upcoming book: Meritocracy Inc.: How Wealth Became Merit, Class Became Race, and College Education Became a Gift from the Poor to the Rich. In the interview, she brings up some excellent points, touching on some topics that our normally taboo in our society. First, she claims that our system, while claiming to be democratic and egalitarian, in fact reproduces aristocracy. (Volumes could be said about this, and should be said about this. Orwell's pigs do indeed start looking more and more like human beings after a while.) She then touches on the taboo subject of class, pointing out that race often forms a cover for what are actually class issues.


The Continental Op said...

Thanks for pointing out this interview. I look forward to the book. Guinier is a super-sharp person who deserves a much wider audience. I'm still not over the disgusting treatment she received at the hands of her erstwhile friend Bill Clinton.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Great link, I look forward to reading her book.