1 March 2006

Is the Christian God even possible?

Evil Bible has an interesting post (discovered via the Rambling Taoist) titled Why the Christian God is impossible.


RP. said...

Christians consider the existence of their God to be an obvious truth that no sane man could deny.

When the article goes sideways in the first line, I stop reading.

n. mallory said...

How is that going sideways?

Mind you, I'm not saying that the writer is correct or not, only that I don't understand your statement.

Karlo said...

It sounds a bit acerbic. But if we think about it, it follows directly from the idea of eternal punishment--What loving, all-powerful God would punish all unbelievers if the tenets of Christian belief weren't obvious.

RP. said...

It's just incredibly poor writing, and argumentation. It's a sweeping generalization. It's manifestly inaccurate. It's a strawman argument.

Sorry, I've read enough bad writing by now that I don't bother continuing once I read something like that in the first sentence.

Peter said...


I happen to believe, despite rationality. I find both the simple and complex words of Jesus comforting, and I believe that a just god embraces all people of good will. If my comfort here is misplaced, then I have suffered no harm. While, my faith, rational or not, is a completely personal matter, it compels me to even more of a crusader for individual rights and human dignity.

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