22 March 2006

Holding out hope for that Mormon coup d'etat

Radical Writ has an interesting animated map showing state-by-state the electorate's growing distaste for Shrub. I think Shrub's only hope at this point is that the state of Utah takes over the entire U.S. and establishes a Mormon theocracy in which only Mormon men will have the right to vote. (Unfortunately for Shrub, even the glimmer of hope represented by a Mormon coup d'etat may prove transient--the level of support in Utah is also rapidly plummeting.)


dietcoupon said...

It's true that the vast majority of Mormons are conservative, but the ones with whom I've discussed politics are what I'd call good cons. That is to say, their belief structure is simply most condusive to social conservatism, and they make sense and have reasons for things like the anti abortion movement beyond 'killing babies is evil.'

The other thing of them is staunch trust in leaders, nearly to a dogmatic level, which is a bad situation since Bush's values don't reconcile very well with Mormonism, but being intelligent people on the whole as they are, it would seem that they're getting over even that and seeing the truth of it.

Karlo said...

The fears I expressed over a Mormon theocracy are meant to be humorous, of course. Many of the Mormons I've met have been impressive people and I share many of their "conservative" ideas about the importance of family and community. Hopefully, more of these people will realize that they've been duped by a president who merely gives their ideals lip-service in order to promote an agenda that isn't good for America or the rest of the world.