6 February 2006

What a riot!

Ever clever Via Negativa has the following picture posted on his blog with the double-edged double-entendre.

Sure enough, someone in the comments is miffed over a supposed slight to the Muslim religion. Good grief. Where were all these rioters when the Taliban were blasting millenia-old Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? I find the extreeeeeme sensitivity of such people a bit hypocritical. We're told by Muslim theologians that for anything to exist for even a moment, God must will it into being. Are we to believe that such a God is so weak that he needs a holy war everytime someone cracks a joke or writes a cartoon (which God, paradoxically, has willed into being)?!

Should all the other religions follow suit? Should Buddhists start torching restaurants everytime they see a Buddha statue atop an ash-try in the foyer? Should Hindus go on a rampage when Homer Simpson pokes fun at Ganeesh? I pray that the higher power(s) that be bestow upon us a more advanced sense of humor, inshallah.

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zencomix said...

If you meet the Buddha on the road, grill him!

Karlo said...

(: Very apropos...