5 February 2006

Specter speaks out against King Bush

More voices are asking the obvious question about the latest domestic spying case. The Republican Senator Arlen Specter had the following comment:

"I believe that contention is very strained and unrealistic," Specter said. If the FISA law was inadequate, he said, Bush should have asked Congress to change it rather than ignore it. "The authorization for the use of force doesn't say anything about electronic surveillance."

In other words, presidents also have to follow laws. Kings don't. This is supposedly the reason we had a war with England--so that we'd have a president who would submit to checks on his power. Like it or not, we now have a man in the highest office of the land who would like to be king, who feels highly inconvenienced about having Congress or a judiciary who places constraints on his power.


CyberKitten said...

I guess that sometimes one revolution just isn't enough.

The Continental Op said...

You've got to wonder why Arlen didn't think about this when he was ushering through the nomination of a Supreme Court justice who clearly shares this Administration's extreme view of executive power.

Karlo said...

That's a good question.