27 February 2006

Re dog-sitters and masseuses

Dohiyi Mir got so ecstatic over the latest good news that the mouse nearly hit the screen:

Whoohoo! The Iraqis have captured a top aide to al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi! I think he's Zarqawi's dogsitter. Add that to the ever growing list of Number Threes, barbers and webheads, and even the most ardent Bush hater will have to acknowledge that our strategery is working. Of course, the liberal media and blogosphere will totally miss the significance of this event: it means our troops can now come home!

But last Sunday, DM didn't sound so confident, expressing confusion over the al-Qaida political structure:

I wish somebody would draw up an org chart for al Qaeda. I just don't understand how it all fits together. After nabbing 517 Number Three guys and 154 Number Twos, now we've capture their barber and webhead. When the masseuse gets nailed, I think we''ll have won the war on terror...

Sheez! (For you heathen, that's short for "Jesus!") These liberalz just don't get it, do they? They're all enemies. All them brown people over there. They're all out to get us. They're out to destroy our freedoms and the only thing that's going to prevent them from achieving their nefarious ends is if the American people rise up and hand over their freedoms to a mysterious cabal of oily men who have deep financial interests in the Middle East.

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