9 February 2006


Driftglass (found via Alternate Brain) has an excellent rant about the Democratic Party's utter failure to take the ball and run with it. How true. We have an administration whose complete lack of values (liberal or conservative) and cynicism run so deep that only the modern-day Niccolòs, Coulters , and other parasitic ass-smoochers of the world can support it wholeheartedly. In short, the ball's been dropped on the two-yard line; the Dems just need to grab it and fall, just pick up the ball and allow the weight of their gumptionless carcuses to lean forward--gravity and Shrub's hubris will do the rest. And yet they're back at the fifty yardline discussing whether, on the next round of plays, they should punt or . . . simply head back into the locker-room.

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