22 February 2006

Iranian Government Says Blogging's OK!

Iran is fascinating to watch, these days. Not only because it's at the center of the nuclear weapons controversy, but because it's a society that seems ripe for change brought about through internal forces (albeit, with a great deal of foreign influences on the periphery). Within this context, the Guardian Unlimited had an interesting article today about Hossein Saffar-Harandi, supposedly "the most fundamentalist minister of culture and Islamic guidance Iran has ever had," publicly endorsing blogs. Ironically at this same time, Iran's government is tightening restrictions on pernicious Western ideas such as feminism, liberalism, nihilism and humanism. Comments on the GU post ran the gamut between those who suggested that it might be all part of a negarious plot to ferret out the traitors to the regime to others who believe that such tolerance is rooted in Islam scriptures and tenets. Personally, I don't see how the Iranian government's going to keep a lid on this stuff. If they're going to have thousands of bloggers publishing blog-posts every other minute, they're going to need a very large room of government spies with some good speed-reading skills (or some NSA software).

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