9 February 2006

The domestic spying scandal: It just gets worse.

It has now come out that:

1. The Bush administration knew that domestic spying was illegal and therefore sought to change the law as part of the authorization to use force. Congress refused to go along. The Bush administration decided to go ahead with the illegal program anyway.

2. The FISA court itself sought to exclude evidence that had been obtained through the program--a clear indication that the court considered all such evidence illegal.

And yet some so-called conservatives still support this program! This amazes me! The FISA court is essentially a rubber-stamp organization that approves virtually 100% of everything that crosses its desk and even allows a 72-window for eavesdropping that it hasn't yet approved! And we're supposed to believe that this miniscule level of oversight is burdensome!


CyberKitten said...

If you think that's bad... check this out:

Right Winger said...

Look, the fact of the matter is this: "Rubber stamping" is a waste. By the time this rubber stamp has bounced itself all over every document submitted to it, the bad guys are gone. Instead of a rubber stamp, you should call it a rubber neck. All FISA does is watch a terrible roadside crash that it isn't (or shouldn't be) involved in and does nothing but make everyone behind it angry. Roosevelt didn't need FISA and neither should Bush.