20 February 2006

Blogosphere reactions to domestic spying

The blogosphere continues to resound with demands that Congress do its job and fully investigate the Shrub administration's illegal domestic spying. What's it going to take for Congress to do their job? Are they going to continue to continue their picnic under the apple tree, waiting for even more facts to fall off and hit them in their head. At some point, leadership requires a modicum of basic gumption. The president has retreated to his retort of last resort: essentially, "Well so what if it's illegal, what'cha gonna do about it, heh?"

Let's look what some of the clearer minds around the blogosphere have to say about all this:

The Reaction: Congress needs to act. Now. But Democrats can't do it alone. Ultimately, it will take Republicans, the Republican leadership (Frist and Roberts, not just Hagel and Snowe), to rebel against the White House, to place love of country over love of party, and to demand that Bush relent.

Michael hits it on the nose--at some point conservatives will have to step forward en masse and realize that Bush doesn't stand for anything beyond cynicism and a raw grab for power.

Americablog suggests that there are actually a few Republicans with a conscience, but apparently too few: So far, the White House bullying has prevented Congressional oversight. Apparently, along the way, they've pissed off some of their fellow Republicans. So far, no surprise but the GOPers in Congress are still abdicating their oversight responsibilities.

And then there's this insightful argument by the Nitpicker:

Remember, Republicans believe Bush can do whatever he wants because, as Senator John Cornyn put it, "None of your civil liberties matter much after you’re dead." They're still too scared to stand up for true American values.What has been pointed out about that argument is the idea that life itself is the end-all-beat-all of human existence, that principles are transitory and malleable and not worth dying for.Is it any wonder, then, why so many service members then are turning on these Republican cowards? The idea that living is the only real value basically says that anyone who puts his or her life on the line is a sucker. It means that a person's service, his oath to the Constitution and even the lives they've given mean nothing more than extending the lives of others. Unfortunately for Republicans, most of the people I've met in the military know what real American values are. And more and more of them are speaking up.


via said...

They may have pissed off a few Repub Senators, but they still shit themselves when Rove gets on the phone. I don't have much faith that they will stand up when it is time to vote.

Karlo said...

Unfortunately, you're probably right. It doesn't look like even the Dems will do anything and they're supposedly the "opposition".