9 January 2006

Shrub's War: The rising price tag

I remember reading months back that the cost of the Shrub's War would far exceed current estimates and reach a trillion bucks. A recent study has revised even that astronomical estimate, saying that the war will top $2 trillion (far above the White House's pre-war projections). The study takes into account long-term costs such as lifetime health care for thousands of wounded U.S. soldiers. I have no idea what a trillion dollars looks like but it doesn't strike me as a trifling sum. It's twice the GDP of all of Canada after all, and represents about two months of the U.S. GDP. I think we should have had a vote at the beginning of Shrub's War giving people the choice between a sustained war that will probably make the Iraqi situation worse, or an all-expenses-paid two-month vacation.


delftsman3 said...

Karlo, if you break down the figures used by those two, in order to reach their estimated final cost, we would have to spend $2Billion a year in health costs PER every current number of disabled Iraqi veterans for the next thirty five years....doesn't that seem like a bit of a strech, even to you?

Another case of overeducated idiots prostituting their (supposed) credibility in furthurance of the BDS agenda.

Anonymous said...

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