1 November 2005

Walmart CEOs rejoice!

It's always interesting to see how easily people are duped by images of the Shrub-riding-his-pony variety. I guess we shouldn't expect too much from a generation that has essentially been raised by a TV set. Even so, you'd think that Joe Five-pack might notice that his end of the stick is consistently shorter after 3 or 4 decades of stagnant wages. Denis de Kat brings up this point in his discussion of the Alito nomination:

In the 800-plus opinions he has penned during his 15 years as a federal judge, Alito consistently has come down on the side of limiting corporate liability, limiting employee rights, and limiting federal regulation. “He would be a liability restrainer,” says Stan Anderson, legal-affairs lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

So I guess that means that soon we will be completely owned by big business. I love it how Americans can be so content with big business considering a) this is the first generation to not be better off than the previous one ever in the history of the USA, and b) the working class in america has not had a wage increase (if you include the reality of inflation) since the early 70’s.
Sometimes when I think of the American worker, I can’t help but think they deserve it. As in, if you don’t stand up for yourself, and ally yourself with the guy who abuses you, then it will be hard to feel sorry for you. So when you think about these facts, it means that the American working class, after 30 years of decline, re-elected George Bush completely against their economic interest.

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