27 October 2005


So Myers has finally gone. I think this whole episode casts a great deal of light on the way Bush works. Some claim that the nomination was simply stupid, a mis-step, but I think there's more at work here. Basically, Bush likes operating behind the scenes with a group of absolutely loyal friends who can get the dirty deeds done without having to mess around with public scrutiny. For this to work, he needs people he can absolutely trust who are either part of the original clique of insiders familiar to his father or are people who completely owe their positions to his good graces. What better way to ensure influence on the high court that to select a less qualified candidate?


Glen Dean said...

Conservatism- 1
Bush Cronyism- 0

Karlo said...


Republic - 1
Empire - 0

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Bush is such an idiot to think that he could have put Myers on the supreme court.

Justice - 1
Idiot - 0

J'nene said...

I'm not sure I can respect comments from anyone who can't spell her name correctly.