28 October 2005

"I" stands for Indictment

Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter' Jr. was indicted today on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case. He has resigned. Rove's still under investigation.

Blogments from around the net:

Reidblog: What's key here is that the withheld information might have shifted the Senate Intelligence Committee's focus away from blaming the CIA for faulty WMD data in the run-up to war, and shifted it onto the neocons in the White House and Pentagon, and specifically onto Cheney, Libby and other vice presidential aides like David Wurmser and John Hannah -- both of whom are rumored to be cooperating with the grand jury in an attempt to save themselves. Again, putting it all together, it's looking more and more like a conspiracy to lie to Congress before the war, to jin up the case against Iraq, and then to discredit any critic who tried to get in the way (or to derail the war case after the fact). What's not yet known is how deep Fitzgerald is prepared to go in what almost certainly will be indictments, possibly tomorrow.

Instapundit: THE MOUNTAIN HAS LABORED AND BROUGHT FORTH A MOUSE: At least if this report from the Post is true: No Rove indictment, and only a lame False Statements Act charge against Libby, which wouldn't even relate to the underlying issue. This will be a blue Fitzmas for some people if it works out that way . . .

Princeton Progressive Nation: With the indictment of Lewis Libby, we can be certain of one thing: this is an Administration that is corrupt thorugh to its upper echelons. Literally. This is the worst Administration in American history, and the most immoral.

I Cite: It's not Watergate. No Democratic Congress--and even if there were, today's democrats are spineless squids. No real press--instead, we got 24/7 press light, all speculation, all entertainment, all the time. But, I remember the days, my friends. I remember when scandal was more than jumping the shark. Sometimes, unindictments can say quite a bit. Co-conspirators, just you wait.

Can you believe this guy's mug? He looks like a mob henchman!
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Glen Dean said...

Karlo, this is one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen. Anybody could have taken one look at the leak statute and the particulars of this case and told you in about two minutes that this so-called leak did not violate any law. Yet still, in spite of the fact, that there was obviously no law violated, this prosecutor went ahead and investigated and tried to catch these guys in inconsistencies. He spent two years investigating a non-crime, all for the purpose of hoping to catch these guys telling inconsistent stories. It was a fishing expedition and complete BS. Fitzgerald admitted in his press conference that she was not covert, but classified. Everybody that works at the CIA is classified, for heavens sake. Her life was not in danger. This is sad and every American should be outraged. This is just like Martha Stewart in that you have someone in trouble for covering up a crime, but the problem is, there never was a crime. Score one for the Gestapo.

What is so utterly amazing about some of the quotes you put up there is that LIBBY WAS NOT INDICTED FOR OUTING ANYBODY. That fact just totally makes everything else that they are saying look like nothing but political BS.

Karlo said...

The reason I chose to post quotes from other bloggers is that I didn't have anything unique to add. I haven't spent much time looking into the case. I'm surprised to hear you defending Martha Stewart though. Someone getting an inside stock tip and acting on it has clearly violated the law. Years ago, I bought stocks and lost big. I later found out that everyone at the company (Ariba) unloaded everything right before the stock crashed. (And I'm supposed to believe no one knew of anything?) Of course, Martha was a small fish but a smelly one all the same. Right now, all there's been is an indictment. We should expect more facts to come to light during the case.

Tran Sient said...

Karlo, I commend you for posting information and not taking the usual line that this in some way vindicates Wilson, the Rove haters, and the entire media frenzy. If Libby lied to a grand jury, he should pay the price.