24 October 2005

Happy days

I guess when Reagan and other Republicans vowed to bring the country back to a simpler era, they really meant it. According to stats cited on Lenin's Tomb, the current minimum wage, in real terms, is lower than it was in 1955. As part of this return to the golden past, infant mortality in the US has been rising (it is now slightly higher than Cuba). This, despite the fact that the US has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. With Shrub in charge, we seem to be combining the harsher aspects of the 50s with the quagmires of foreign involvement that we remember from the 60s.

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Ted said...

We have, indeed, fallen from a great depth . . . in education, social support of our citizens, healthcare access, public safety/percentage of our citizens in jail, meaningful employment, the arts - you name it.

I doubt whether we were ever "the greatest country in the world", but if we were, we sure as hell ain't now.

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