1 October 2005

Bali bombing

Another terrorist bombing has just hit Bali, killing around 25 people and injuring around one hundred. As before, the attacks targeted Kuta and other resorts popular with foreigners. These attacks are sure to have a devastating effect on Indonesian tourism. The country already suffers enough from a reputation as an extremely seedy place where government corruption is ubiquitous and violent gangs operate openly, even in plain sight of police.

Other blogments can be found at: Two Years in China, Ciqua (Spanish), the Nascar Liberal, this Japanese blog (saying he's headed to Bali in spite of the blast!), and this Indonesian blog (Does anyone know Indonesian? I'd love to hear what the locals have to say about all of this.)

For news, check out this CNN report.


delftsman3 said...

Don't you know, Indonesia deserves to be the victim of terrorist attacks, after all, they were responsible for so much oppression to Muslims, and they shouldn't have gotten involved in Iraq. They are just trying to create an new Indonesian Empire I tell ya!/moonbat meme channeling.

Oh, yeah..Indonesia is 99% Muslim, they aren't in Iraq, and they couldn't oppress anyone outside their country;they're too busy oppressing their own population, and skimming graft from the few daft enough to actually try to conduct business in the country.
But the terrorists are freedom fighters! After all, "Mother" Sheehan and Michael Moore told me so!

Karlo said...

Indonesia's government is in line for the all time sleaziest. I'd agree with you on that. I don't think there's any reason to call any of these fundamentalist fighters "freedom fighters." I think the term originally comes from the Reagan era--wasn't he the one to call Al Qaeda and others fighting the Russians "freedom fighters" in spite of the fact that they were foreign-sponsored foreign Muslims fighting outside of their own country)? I hate to always claim that I knew better, but I actually opposed aid to the Muslim fundamentalists at the time since I figured they wouldn't be on our side very long. It took a couple decades for my intuitions to be proven right. It's interesting though. I was saying this when I was in high school and when my knowledge of history could have been written on the back of my peechee. If I was so prescient, it seems like some of the experts at the time could have been. They were probably all too busy drawing maps of oil pipelines across Central Asia.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, none of you have been to Indonesia, much less Bali.

Believe it or not, there are actually breathing thinking human beings living there, regardless of the governments manipulations.

You have to give them credit for the bloodless removal of Suharto. Unfortunately, there are still those who will cause havoc in order to gain some kind of foothold.

By the way, Bali is 99% Hindu.

Karlo said...

I've been to Bali. I don't see how anything I said implied that they weren't human beings.

Anonymous said...

i just wannna say that nobody deserve to die that way. don't try to say something that you don't know. i'm an indonesian n i'm a moslem. i'm proud of being moslem indonesian. there're no religion in the world teach you to kill people right? we're all the same. you and me are human being. so sad when people think bad about us, but they don't really know. thank to anonymous. i appreciate that...