6 October 2005

Around the blogosphere

Helena discusses the Senate's vote to set new limits on interrogating detainees in Iraq and elsewhere. In her post, Helena considers the question, "Is this also the beginning of a broader process whereby the US Congress attempts to regain more control of the country's war-fighting processes and decision-making in a broader sense?" We can only hope. At any rate, it's uplifting to see representatives actually ask questions and otherwise represent their constituencies instead of serving as a rubber-stamp organization.

Elsewhere on the internets, Needlenose provides a phrase-by-phrase commentary on the latest Shrub pep-rally--a commentary so acerb that it properly belongs over here on Swerve Left but I will leave it where it is. I wouldn't want be accused of harshing the Department of Homeland Security's mellow.

Elsewhere, Nashville Truth urges Christians to abandon the big-government of the current conservative movement in favor of Libertarianism. And on Fatcat, we find probably the most reasonable analysis of the Mier's nomination.

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