27 September 2005

Yes, weasel, sir!

Having the misfortune of not being a pretty blonde, England is set to take the fall for the Iraqi torture scandals. Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe that the torture was isolated and the officers knew nothing about it. What a bunch of weasels! Since the officers clearly condoned what was going on, they should step forward and take the punishment instead of offering up young enlisted people as scapegoats. Some people I've talked to who were in Iraq and in a position to know exactly what was going on have told me that the Abu Ghraib episodes were representative of what goes on every day in Iraq, before and after the scandals. So much for the high moral caliber of the U.S. officer corps. A good portion of these people are just a bunch of Colin Powells--willing to stoop to any depth in order to save their own asses.


delftsman3 said...

I agree that the officers involved should be brought up on charges.
Either they were complicit, or even worse, unaware of what was going on in their command, either way, they should be in the dock.

The integrity of the Service demands it.

That doesn't relieve England of her complicity though. She did the crime, she should do the time.

Karlo said...

I agree. And the officers should of course do more time.