16 September 2005

Them Baghdad coffee blues

In a recent interview, we saw the following exchange:

O’Reilly: The truth of the matter is our correspondents at Fox News can’t go out for a cup of coffee in Baghdad.

Rice: Bill, that’s tough. It’s tough. But what — would they have wanted to have gone out for a cup of coffee when Saddam Hussein was in power?

This is the heart of the matter. If the U.S. has been there as long as it has in large numbers yet has still failed to provide security, the occupation's potential benefits are suspect. This conclusion doesn't come from my ideological inclinations, we're talking facts on the ground here. In short, the occupation has failed. We can maintain our Pollyanic hopes for the best, but there's got to be a time-limit at some point. When people have a hard time securing a small part of the capitol such as the Green Zone, it's clear that the occupation has failed to win the hearts and minds of the people.

(via Cut to the Chase and Think Progress)

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