16 September 2005

Painful attempts to understand the rightwing mind

I don't know why I go to the trouble of crossing the ideological fence and trying to talk with these people sometimes. In my recent attempt to promote the left-right meeting of minds, I pointed out the racist assumptions in an argument over on Dr. Phat's blog, only to be shouted down by a platoon of rightwingers claiming that Karlo the libral was so out touch with the facts. Following my comments to his post, Dr. Phat chastises me:

Not in the news story or my story did I use any words describing the ethnicity of the people that perpetrated this fraud.

Perhaps I'm not used to some particular nuances of Dr. Phat's ideolect. In his original post when he referred to "black" people, I hastily assumed that he was talking about black people:

. . . it’s time for the poor black people of New Orleans to start with the long and hard process of re-accumulating the wealth and items that they lost during the hurricane. Luckily with the help of the Red Cross this is happening. Thos who did not get to loot, or were too late to steal anything of value, have another chance to go and get the things that will help them survive the next few months on someone else’s dime.

In the tirade that followed my comment, Dr. Phat insisted that 88% of New Orleans is white and only 7.6% black. I'm left wondering if I've accidently stumbled upon a parody of a rightwing site. Any glance at any picture of New Orleans that was of anything other than a klan rally would reveal the farcical nature of that figure. My scouring of the internets came up with the following figures for the races:

White 28.05%
Black or African American 67.25%

But then again maybe I'm wrong, and all those jazz musicians in the New Orleans street are actually poor white people with pigmentation alterations making them look like blacks. (They must be trying to get that "dime" that gets thrown to the black people.)


Glen Dean said...

They are all Al Jolson fans.

Karlo said...

Very funny. (:

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I'm pretty sure I clarified when speaking about st bernard parish. But again I guess racism is what caused people to use the debit cards, given to the by red cross, to buy $800 designer hand bags. Good call on the racism bit, and having the sense to read between the lines in a satire piece where no race was mentioned.

Karlo said...

In the second line of your post and in BIG LETTERS in my quotation of it, race is mentioned. And while I certainly see the satire of the piece, the mean-spirited nature of the satire's pretty obvious.

Michael Hussey said...

The Doctor and his readers are treating being black and poor as a character flaw. This isn't compassionate conservatism (not that there ever was such a thing). When the debating opponent makes personal insults and point out minor spelling mistake then they already lost. Wizbang is a classic example of this. I even had a lefty blogger (a very bad one at that) pull the same stunt after I pointed out several factual errors in his post.

Michael Hussey said...

Here are population stats of New Orleans. Tony is way off.

Karlo said...

I came up with the same thing. (Perhaps it's a conspiracy by the pinko liberal press.)