25 September 2005

Mark your calendars

Chrenkoff has posted his latest mile-long post lauding all the good news from Iraq. This is evidently "part 35" of the series. (I guess there's been so much good news since the postings started that it's taken years to chronicle them all.) So anyway, mark your calendars. The anniversary bash for Part 36 of the series will be held in Omar's Cafe down a narrow alley just East of the Green Zone in Baghdad (easily accessible from the airport). All you of who are fans of Chrenkoff's optimism and David Swift films are invited to meet up at the cafe at 9 p.m. on Saturday for an all night bash where the rightwing belligerati along with security personnel from the various companies will get together and swap photos of last week's picnic on the bank of the Tigris. We pessimistic left wingers would like to join you but you know how it goes. Saturday's a big blogging day for us.

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