1 September 2005

Looters: Here and there

There's so much looting in the news that I don't know where to start. First of all, there's this following article about Palestinian "looters."

PM Sharon: 'Palestinians' will loot everything
By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

August 18th, 2005 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told a meeting of his government's "disengagement committee" Thursday that he expects the Palestinian Arab mobs to loot anything left behind by the Jews in Gaza. "The moment weleave the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians will break in and the lootingwill begin," said Sharon. Regarding his "peace" partners in the Palestinian Authority, the prime minister said: "I don't trust the Palestinian security forces to stop the looting."Security officials expected the evacuation of all Jewish civilians from Gaza to be completed by Tuesday of next week. Many Jewish residents left behind houses filled with their belonging as they were dragged away in acts of passive resistance.

So let's get this straight. You mean to tell me that there's an expectation that dirt-poor Palestinians will hire detectives to locate the former settlers, rent U-Hauls, and then spend days driving through checkpoints in order to return the few belongings left behind? (The assumption being that they won't get shot by Isrealis on the way or upon arrival.) And the Palestinians who fail to do this are "looters"? This is ridiculous beyond belief. From everything I've seen and heard, the Israelis who left took everything including the kitchen sink and then destroyed whatever they couldn't take. If it's anything like former occupations of Palestinian lands, the Israelis can be counted upon to smear human feces over virtually every available surface. The Palestinians who will now have to clean up the mess, far from being dubbed "looters," should all receive payment for cleaning up all the trash the Israelis left behind. (Not to mention rent for the period the Israelis illegally occupied the land.) If Sharon wants to see real looters, he should look to the Isreali confiscation of Palestinian lands. Or if that's too gut-wrenching, he can fly over to his major sponsor--the U.S.--and see real looting American style, with crowds stepping over dead bodies as they wade through the floodwaters with the latest plastic gizmos from Walmart.

And just when you thought people couldn't get any more vile, we have a highly appropriate post (considering the blog's title) at Crooks and Liars with a picture and video showing police looting in the wake of Katrina. (When the police start looting, who then do you send to stop them? It's a bit like sending Shrub and his band of cronies to stop the crooks in Baghdad.)

In a semi-related post, Peking Duck quotes a NY Times editorial sharply critical of Shrub's response to the crisis.

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