19 September 2005

In praise of yaeba

Looking at the magazine rack this morning, I was struck by the generic "beauty" of the women on the covers of the various magazines. Completely lacking character, they were almost all indistinguishable. Which makes me wonder if the population at large really has such pedestrian tastes. I remember hearing that the Japanese are fond of women with yaeba--crooked teeth (a genetic trait that apparently comes from Okinawa). I also find crooked teeth and odd features much more attractive than the plastic features of women featured on magazines. In some genetically-altered future, will the day come when everyone's face is as generic as the bright-n-shiny plastic gizmos in a Walmart distribution center?


The Continental Op said...

Speaking as someone with very crooked teeth -- despite many years of enduring braces -- I heartily join in praise of yaeba.

Karlo said...

Perhaps you'll end up like Lao-tzu's uncut tree--so crooked that it's passed up by the tree-cutter's axe.


IsudemoAibon said...

That photo is of Ai Kago.....who many, many people now regard as very beautiful (with or without crooked teeth). She's had them fixed, by the way.

Karlo said...

Fixed?!!!! Say it ain't so-o-o!

Julienne said...

I have very crooked teeth, too. And I mean VERY crooked. But mine's not cute like other Japanese girls (how I wish they were, 'cause then I don't have to be very conscious about them until I got 'em fixed. I just have to think, that "hey, it's considered to be cute in Japan!" I think so, too. Only I'm in U.S. where almost everyone thinks it's not cute at all)

So, I just bumped into this article reading about teeth and such, 'cause you see I'm getting my braces next week. I'm excited and really nervous.

I'm not really trying to be just like the models they feature in magazines. I have my own personality and style, it's just I want to be more confident whenever I smile. And I smile a lot.

Anyways, this is a really good article, gives us something to really think about, especially us girls.

Karlo said...

Good luck with the braces! It'll be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you'll soon get used to them.