5 September 2005

Bad acting

Katherine over on Cut to the Chase has some good posts on some of the staged photo ops of Shrub down South in the disaster zones. Is it just me or do others find Shrub to be extremely phony? Each time I hear him speak in front of the suffering masses, I feel like he's just about to laugh the second the camera's turned off. I can almost here him say, "These poor, lazy SOBs had it coming. If they would have had any sense, they would have flown to Bermuda and waited the storm out when they saw it coming." I honestly think that Shrub, having lived his life amidst immense wealth and privilege, probably has no way to comprehend what it's like to be in a really dire situation.


char said...

hahaha..you're funny. ironically or perhaps not surprisingly, most of the best critques of america and their government are americans themselves.
blog on!

romablog said...

excellent post. i hope people keep circulating this-