1 August 2005

Whencesoever entertainment?

In the L.A. Times, Neal Gabler shares with us his abstruse obtuse theory about why people are shying away from movie boxes offices--something about how people want to "know" about entertainment but no longer care if they're entertained. Ho-hum. Whatever. I, for one, would like to be entertained. But the movie industry's current line-up has devolved into such pre-packaged formulaic dribble that I just can't get myself to walk two blocks down to the theater. My advice to Hollywood: cut the expensive car crashes, put Tom Cruise and Nichol Kidman into permanent retirement, hire a few fresh young faces from the local theater, and try telling some stories--yes, you heard me right--stories, with plot and character and development. In other words, don't make any more "Hollywood" films.

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Alicia said...

Can I get a big 'Amen'?