25 August 2005

Ship of fools

We've been told time and again that we need to get behind the president. From Shrub's perspective, there's certainly a need for such exhortations now--since Americans of virtually every stripe are abandoning the nation's captain just as the ship begins to sink. Poll after poll shows that Americans clearly disapprove of the Iraq War, think it was a mistake, and are aware that we've been deceived. Shrub's approval ratings currently stand at 36% compared with Nixon's 39% support AT THE HEIGHT OF WATERGATE! Or to take another example, Bill Clinton's approval rate when he left office (after he besmirched the sacred office of the presidency) was 66% and it stood at 72% on the day of his impeachment (Dec. 19, 1998)! In other words, Bill Clinton’s popularity on the day of his impeachment was twice as high as Shrub’s popularity! And this, in spite of Republican control of every branch of government. The stunning numbers shows that Fox and other mathematically-challenged corporate news stations have definitely been as left behind as the president.

I suppose the surest sign of Shrub's demise is that even rightwing politicos and bloggers have begun to hedge their statements: "While I don't approve of the president, I do support . . . " It's okay. We don't blame you for abandoning the sinking ship. But it would have been nice if you hadn't dragged the rest us out to sea for two-terms of this idiot.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I think it is hysterical to watch all the neo-cons abandon ship.

But yes the Bush regime is being seen as a joke.

Karlo said...

A dirty, sick, outlandish, cruel joke.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Your wrong.

We still support the president.
Wishful thinking on your part.

I wonder why people are upset after 24/7 bad news coverage.


And BTW, calling the admistration a regime is just gay.
Only DU and KOS moonbats believe that.

Karlo said...

Regime's definition according to "The Free Dictionary" (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/regime): "A government in power; Administration." I actually agree with you on this one. Shrub's cabal really doesn't qualify as "a government." We need some short concise term to refer to "the managerial heads for the plutocratic clique representing elite wealthy interests."