4 July 2005

TV not the best baby-sitter after all

Three studies mentioned in a recent New Scientist article strongly suggest that TV viewing has a long-term negative effect on children's cognitive abilities. TV seems to damage kids' learning abilities, academic achievement, and even their chances of graduating from college. This comes as no surprise to me. Everytime I watch kids watching TV with their limp bodies and glazed-over stares, I feel like I'm staring at miniature zombies.

Although no one much cares, TV probably doesn't have a positive effect on adults either. I went without a TV for years and during that time, I found myself reading books more often than I do now. I now have cable since it came bundled with my internet connection. In spite of the endless list of channels, I don't watch a lot of TV. When I do, it's usually news (as intertainment) or C-Span. While some of the content is somewhat edifying or entertaining, none of it is as informative or as artistically sophisticated as a good book. In fact, most of the content has as much knowledge and wisdom as the outside of a Fruit Loops box. I've already decided that I won't renew my cable after my one-year contract is up. Who knows, I might even unplug myself from the matrix earlier.


gaw3 said...

I've got my kiddie watching the idiot box right now- Teletubbies. He's kind of got drool coming out of the corner of his mouth..

Karlo said...

Drool?! That's the first sign of infant zombinization syndrome!