10 July 2005

Troop reductions in Iraq?

According to a recently leaked British memo, there are plans to bring more than half of U.S. troops home from Iraq within a year. Some people might see this as a sign that the U.S. is gradually leaving Iraq. I very much doubt it. I think the U.S. planners are merely trying to get the numbers down to a more sustainable force. I'm sure the long-term plan is to have troops in Iraq as long as possible--much like the continuous troop presence in South Korea. The U.S. doesn't build bases simply to hand them over a year or two later.


Mr. Natural said...

Karlo, I suspect that they will MOVE a big number of troops to Afghanistan, on the OTHER SIDE OF IRAN...Brits too...we will see, eh? I further suspect that this "bringing home of troops" is yet another Bushco scam to time with mid-term elections.

GreenSmile said...

we need to recruit the suicidal sort of soldier since the numbers there now are already too low to assure, even for a soldier, a reasonable measure of safety. Oh, wait, the suicidal guys are working for the opposition! Drat