29 July 2005

Super-hunks and uber-chicks

A European dating service, BeautifulPeople.net, is launching in the U.S. The new dating community will allow members to vote on whether to let in people based on how they look. You can also be accepted if you have "professional qualities" that "stand out" (wealth). An applicant's photo and profile is posted for three days during which time it's graded by members of the opposite sex on a four-point attractiveness scale that ends with "No! Not at all!" (About 14 out of 15 people are rejected). The idea of creating a dating superior race of super-hunks and uber-chicks was apparently pioneered by HotOrNot.com, where visitors scroll through photos assign scores of 1 to a perfect 10.

(P.S. The irony of this post following a post on intentional communities isn't intentional.)


Subramaniam Avinash said...

very nice. tnks for commenting on my site. love the fact that ur still a student. and into chess. and are calvin. way to go.

Karlo said...

Thanks for dropping by. That's a nice poetry site you have.