28 July 2005

Reflections on the latest poll numbers

Public disillusionment with the Shrub and Shrub's War continues to climb. According to USA Today, 51% now agree that Bush misled the public on WMDs. (The other 49% didn't respond since they thought the term WMD was an abbreviation for the new MacDonald's happy meal.) Americans (58% to 37%) feel that the U.S. won't be able to establish democracy in Iraq. In other words, the current occupation will lead to a situation similar to when the war began--except that weapons inspectors won't have secure access to sites, the country will be in shambles, and terrorists recruitors will be having a flood of applicants (in inverse proportion to the dismal recruiting picture in the U.S.) In spite of these results, over half of respondants (53%) still believe it wasn't a mistake to send troops to Iraq. Does this make sense? The war won't create democracy and was based on massive deception yet is good?! Maybe the poll takers need to give Americans a reading and attention test before taking the poll to make sure they're able to ponder more than two facts at a time.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

People are just trying to hang on to their belief system that was formulated concerning the Iraq war. It takes time for a lot of sheeple to start thinking.

Karlo said...

Yes. And we wouldn't want to say anything ba-a-a-a-d about the president.

Sky Niangua said...

There is no logic to the outcome of that poll, *shaking head*

Look Jane! Look Dick!
See! how the sheeple will lay under the Bush?

N. Mallory said...

The problem is that you accept the truth that we were lied to about the WMD, then you have to accept that you were wrong and that people are dying for no good reason. The denial is mental self-protection.