26 July 2005

Praise for Aahnold

I always like to kick sand in the face of poor Aahnold, so I suppose I should give him credit when credit's due. The governator is promoting legislation that would encourage healthier food and drinks in California schools, including a bill that would extend a statewide ban on soft drinks from lower grades to high schools. I'm all for this. The second schools start taking in corporate money, they get addicted to it and soon find it impossible to operate without it.


Alicia said...

It gets pretty vile when the cvorporations move in - next thing you know the schools are under an obligation to sell a certain amount of product - crappy, unhealthy product at that. How sickening is that? Pimping out our kids for Big Biz?

Karlo said...

What's even worse is that people get used to the school getting a certain percentage of its income from "pimping out kids" and then want to reduce public funding by that amount.

Alicia said...

It's a vicious circle. The corporatocracy is just sucking up everything we have from every angle imaginable.

Anonymous said...

The national news broadcast in our public schools that is being forced on our youth, our future (consumers), is already in play, and fully commercialized.

In my opinion, marketing to children in any way, shape, or form should be illegal. The reasons should be quite obvious to anyone who can actually think for themselves.

Those of you regurgitating CNN headlines and considering yourselves to be 'well informed' may disagree.