26 July 2005

Opening doors for the memory-challenged

Evidently, being in a leadership role is not a very memorable experience. Or maybe Shrub felt that it was important to open up positions to those with disabilities such as being memory-challenged. Because it seems that Mr. "I-can't-remember" John G. Roberts Jr. not only belonged to the Federalist Society, but was in the conservative legal organization's 1997-1998 leadership directory (WaPo). Now I know nothing about this secretive organization, but doesn't it count as a strike against the nominee's character that he use such a lame fib when asked about it? Is this the type of person who will uphold the Constitution with integrity, unaffected by his personal views? Or will he also find it difficult to remember certain passages of the Constitution and other legal precedents as he hears cases?


Alicia said...

Well, he certainly has excellent qualifications for the present administration, I'll give him that.

Karlo said...

Funny. I just make this exact comment on another blog. (:

Glen Dean said...

If this were Ginsburg would you oppose her because of this? By the way she has spoken in front of that group also.

Alicia, bad politics but great smile and great picture. I mean that in a totally respectful manner, of course.

Karlo, your portrait is also nice, I guess.

Karlo said...

The reason for opposing Roberts has nothing to do with the group (which I don't know anything about). The question is why he would offer up such a lame lie when asked about it. How many groups have you been in the leadership of that you couldn't even remember belonging to? It's not as if we're talking about someone who's 120 or something.

And I'm glad you like the picture. I figure I'd use one of the more flattering pictures of me during my youth before I got old and ugly.