27 July 2005

Only the lonely

Have you ever looked at the plastic gizmos sold in those in-flight magazines on the airplanes. I still can't quite figure out the demographic being targetted--those in economy-class who still feel they have a few more splurges left on their credit card before declaring bankruptcy? But then I came across some items by Noam Toran designed for lonely men (no, not a doll) that recreate some of the memorable aspects of romantic relationships. My favorite one is the Sheet Stealer which winds the bedclothes up into a tube attached to the side of the bed. Once woken by the cold, the sleeper can curse and then pull the sheet out again so as to reclaim it. And what would bachelor life be without a rapid-fire Plate Thrower for those who miss the excitement and passion of those late night romantic discussions. Then there's a chest-hair curler as well as an alarm clock that awakens you by flicking a strand of hair across your face. And you thought that all they made were floating beer holders for your pool.

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