9 July 2005


North Korea has announced that it will return to the 6-nation talks. Any comments?


Tran Sient said...

How much oil did we have to give them?

Karlo said...

I guess nothing's free in this world.

Mick said...

As a SecState, Rice makes a great bookend, but as an ambassador she's a puzzle. Trouble is, she's ignorant and thoroughly incompetent, as we all have good reason to know, so what the hell is she doing? Giving away the store? Threatening nuclear retaliation? Promising Kim a blow-job if he behaves?

Here's the problem: she had to have promised NKorea something to get them back. Not oil, I don't think, but something. That she's doing...whatever she's doing...in secret, ignored by our as-usual 'We're not interested in anything but the circus-du-jour' press, is somewhat worrying. This in NOT the most capable individual on the planet. She isn't very bright to begin with, and what she knows about Asia you could write on the head of a pin and have room left over for War and Peace. Yet nobody is reporting what's behind NK's sudden about-face. I've seen speculation but no fact.

Letting a fuck-up like Rice loose on Asia without a baby-sitter is like giving the keys to your Ferrari to a 12-year-old NASCAR fan: not something a prudent person wishing to avoid an Asian Armageddon would do.

This all sounds good but I won't rest easy til I know how it happened. This is Condi Rice we're talking about, after all.

Karlo said...

Yep. I agree with the Armageddon remark. I've watched right-wing academics nonchalantly talk of "limited strikes" and "limited responses" and other baloney. The fact is nothing will be limited on the Korean peninsula. The second fact is that the academic who casually said that didn't have a single relative or friend living in Seoul.

Katharine said...

(Actually, I think Condi would have to promise NOT to perform a sexual act on the N Korean leader to get them back to the table. She looks like a biter, to me.)

I'm encouraged they're coming back to the table but - along with their leader's mental illness - we're the ones who seem to keep pushing them away.