12 July 2005

More on Leonard Clark

Yesterday, I discussed the case of Specialist , a member of the Arizona Army National Guard 806th Military Police Brigade stationed in Iraq who seems to have been arrested for expressing the "wrong" political views. In a comment, someone justifiably said that they needed "more information" prior to making a decision on the matter so I figured I'd see what I could find.

There's been speculation that he's being held for a UCMJ offense such as those found in U.S. Code Title 10, Chapter 47. But since the more draconian aspects of this code are directed solely at commission officers, it's hard to see how this could justify arresting someone opposing (via emails and blogging) the President and current administration policies.

Clark's friend Kevin Spidel says that Clark was "arrested due to his 'campaign efforts.'" (Is this Regulation 1344.10?) Steven D on Daily Kos points out that a number of soldiers (who all happen to be conservatives) have been allowed to campaign for office while in the military (even with direct administration consent), so if this is really the reason, there's definitely a double-standard here. In Clark's case, he hadn't even filed papers and merely mentioned his intention to run, so his arrest has a certain Shrubian quality to it. (We must arrest him since he has the potential of having the potential of breaking the law.) Technorati showed a post http://leonardclark.com/blog/?p=30 saying that Clark hadn't campaigned, but the post was deleted before I could get to it. The Google cache didn't have much more but it did contain this comment (emphasis added): "He has been called in and threatened in a way that not only worried him about a court martial at this time - he also is fearful of his personal safety. Thus I will begin to take down this site per his ranking officer's request."

Steven has information for a letter-writing campaign to force the government to get to the bottom of this.


Glen Dean said...

I can't believe you read Christian Librul. He hates me.

Karlo said...

Sorry bout that. I just sneaked a quick peek.

Glen Dean said...

He was really hard on me when I first started. For good reason though. I was slinging some venom and I stil do. Of course nothings personal though. :)

Karlo said...

Venom is the life-blood of the blogosphere.

RTO Trainer said...

As a soldier let me assure you that there are restraints placed upon our civil liberites while we are serving; freedom of speech in particular.

What I'd like to see are some samples of what SPC Clark had posted. If I could I could at least make a determination for myself as to what might have been found to be objectionable.

All that said, most commanders are pretty lenient about interpreting the statements of subordinates where punishment, especailly court-martial, might be at issue, except inteh case of Operational Security (OPSEC). It's a broad area. Descriptions of tactics, times and dates of impending actions and some past actions, descriptions of facilities, and this is stuff that isn't classified, per se.

It's not hard to imagine (never having read any of Clark's material) a case where he wrote something, probably with no ill intent that divulged too much.