11 July 2005


Honestly now, how many of us could find Kyrgyzstan on a map? Even so, we should know something about the place. Kyrgyzstan, after all, hosts both a Russian and a US military base. (Somebody needs to buy these people a copy of Dylan's Serve Somebody.) Kyrgyzstan has been in political upheaval as of late. Bakiyev, the acting president since demonstrators stormed former President Askar Akayev's offices and sent him into exile, recently won in a landslide after promising that he would give the premiership to the man who was expected to have been his main rival, Felix Kulov. The elections, which had foreign observers, were said to be fair.

I think the U.S. can learn something from Kyrgyzstan's democratic zeal, its clean elections, and most importantly, beautiful women in red dresses dancing at polling stations.

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