21 July 2005

Korean netizens on the latest London bombing

The conservative Korean paper Chosun Ilbo ran a story about the latest London bombings. Korean viewers have posted comments at the end of the story. I've translated most of them below:

  • Anyong Song: These attacks show how vicious these terrorists really are.
  • Jeongheui Han: I can't understand what the bombing in a British subway and the many people who have died in Iraq have to do with us. Whether these people want to fight it out or not, we should just work to maintain our authenticity. In this world, money's everything. We should just side with the side with more money. The way to distinguish friend from foe is to determine whether they bring advantage or not.
  • Hongil Bak: We watched 9/11 happen to the U.S. with sadness. Am I the only one who fails to feel the slightest sympathy when it comes to the London bombing?
  • Junghwan Jo: Islam was born from the sword. Mohammed took up the sword with his followers, conquering Mecca in 624 on his way to starting countless wars. Among religions, there aren't any others with a founder who picked up the sword so as to wreak havoc. Outwardly, Muslims shout about peace, but then then murder the "infidels who oppose Islam" without the slightest remorse. . . .
  • Hongil Bak: Putting aside the issue of the U.S., I recall that during the Asian economic crisis, Britain's curses and disdain drove the Korean economy into an evil pit. And I still remember hearing after Queen Elizabeth's visit to Andong [a traditional village in SK] that they would "have to look into adding South Korea to the British Commonwealth." To put it simply, I grate my teeth everytime I think of the tremendous arrogance of those blokes.


Eric_Jaffa said...

Do you speak Korean?

Karlo said...

Yep. I try.

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