2 July 2005

Just another dead Iraqi, not

It's not a good omen when the occupation troops kill the close relative of the U.N. Ambassador. (Somehow, Edith's headline fails to convey the gravity of the situation.)

U.S. Marines Accused of Killing Iraq Man by EDITH M. LEDERER, AP

UNITED NATIONS - Iraq's U.N. ambassador accused U.S. Marines of killing his unarmed young cousin in what appeared to be "cold blood" and demanded an investigation and punishment for the perpetrators.

In an e-mail to friends obtained Friday by The Associated Press, Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie said the killing took place in his ancestral village in western Anbar province, where U.S.-led forces have been conducting a counterinsurgency sweep aimed at disrupting the flow of foreign militants into Iraq.

His cousin Mohammed Al-Sumaidaie, 21, a university student, was killed June 25 when he took Marines doing house-to-house searches to a bedroom to show them where a rifle which had no live ammuntion was kept, the ambassador said. When the Marines left, he was found in the bedroom with a bullet in his neck.


delftsman3 said...

IF true, this SHOULD be punished.

I'll reserve judgement until it's been investigated.

Karlo said...

If true or not, it will make for an interesting story. Either these troops screwed up in a major way or the family members of a key Iraqi diplomatic are working for the insurgency.