23 July 2005

Is Iraq really improving?

CNN just ran an in-depth special on Iraq. I can't say the program really offered any great insights. Experts basically all came on to say that things might get better or might not. I'm sure they're right. As Aristotle would concede, X will either equal Y or not equal Y. (Will our weathermen now start telling us that it will rain or not rain tomorrow?) The program did manage to find two Arabic speakers who interviewed families and average middle class people about the country's prospects. The male reporter, discussing his experience, did say at one point that he didn't talk to a single Iraqi who felt the situation was getting better. The remark sort of stood out. Sites such as Chrenkoff keep running these long list of statistics and firsthand reports suggesting that Iraq is rapidly becoming some sort of economic and democratic wonderland. The stats cited by CNN, on the other hand, all claimed that unemployment was up and electricity availability was down, and that the insurgency was still very strong. Something's amiss.


Kate said...

Saw that one, Karlo. I don't think it was particularly well done and I kept feeling like they were desperate to show it was going better there than it is but the results they wanted just wouldn't happen. You know, the Wolfie Blitzer-style Bush cheerleader approach.

Karlo said...

When talking with military officials, what do people expect to hear--that the war has turned into a disaster? You'd think professional reporters would provide some more nuanced reporting.