28 July 2005

In praise of Greek democracy

The latest cast of the usual suspects (Bayh, Hagel, Kerry, Frist, etc.) are already gearing up for a presidential bid. In other words, they're already sending out the cards asking what kinds of gifts they'd like for their birthday from their corporate sponsors. I say we scrap the whole process and revert to an ancient Greek form of democracy. Let's simply draw lots representing citizens throughout the realm and select whoever's name is picked to lead the country. Then we could enjoy the novelty of free leadership that hasn't been bought and paid for at our expense.


Anonymous said...

I personally think it should be more like the Miss America Pagent with a talent contest, question & answer session, bathing suit and high fashion events. There should also be song and dance events. We could get the Queer Eye guys to be the judges.

I think this would be just as effective as the current method and we wouldn't have to sit through months of mudslinging.

geekgirl2 said...

It would be better to choose on the person's lack of desire for the job. If someone does not want to be a politician then they're it!