11 July 2005


Mamie at Inside Out has an excellent screed on Hollywood:

"The least surprising bit of news in the last week was that movie boxoffice receipts are slumping. Holy shit, Batman, who would've thought it? You would have to long long and hard for an industry more creatively bankrupt than today's Hollywood movie mill. The constant recycling of ideas by prequeling sequels, sequeling sequels, and remaking remakes or witless teevee shows--feeding on the carcasses of questionable successes--has spawned the artistic equivalent of mad cow disease . . . "

Perhaps the dimwitted public's to blame for watching all the crap Follywood churns out. Couldn't a movie company make a killing by simply telling good stories with great (but not famous) actors and medium-sized budgets?


Tran Sient said...

It doesn't help that they continually make the same movies over and over, just changing the setting.

The Continental Op said...

And how many more old TV shows are they going to remake? I fully expect someone to come out with "My Favorite Martian -- The Movie".