24 July 2005

Conyers press release

Congressman Conyers (Michigan) has put out a press release on the Downing Street memos and Rove leak. The end of the PDF file lists some of the administration’s engagement in harsh retaliation tactics when confronted with the slightest criticism or inconvenient facts:

February 25, 2003
Former General Eric Shinseki told Congress the DefenseDepartment’s troop estimate for occupying Iraq was too low. He said that "several hundred thousand troops" would be needed. Rumsfeld responded that Shinseki’s comments were"wildly off the mark."Rumsfeld then named Shinseki’s successor one year before the end of his term, making the general a lame duck commander.

July 14,2003: When Ambassador Joe Wilson told the truth about the Administration’smisleading claims about Iraq, Niger, and uranium, the Bush Administration did notrespond with facts. Instead, they publicly disclosed that Ambassador Wilson’s wife was a deep-cover CIA agent. Leaking her identity was in apparent retaliation for her husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s New York Times op-ed detailing Bush’s fraudulent claims about Iraqi efforts to obtain uranium in Niger.

January 13,2004: Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill releases his book The Price of Loyalty, where he charges that plans for going to war by the Administration in Iraq were discussed in the earliest days of Bush’s presidency. A formal investigation is immediately launched in an attempt to charge O’Neill with wrongdoing in the use of classified documents. O’Neill is subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.

March 21,2004: Richard Clarke (a 30 year civil servant whose career spanned Republican and Democratic administrations) releases his book Against All Enemies, in which he asserts that the Bush Administration was overly fixated on Saddam Hussein and Iraq. A propaganda campaign is subsequently launched in an attempt to retaliate and discredit him. Mr. Clarke is accused of "profiteering" and "perjury." Vice President Dick Cheney states, "[Clarke] was moved out of the counter-terrorism business over to the cybersecurity side of things" and "Well, [Clarke] wasn’t in the loop, frankly, on a lot of this stuff.

In addition to the brief, a number of Townhall meetings are being called across the U.S. to discuss the Downing Street memo and the blogging community is getting together at http://www.afterdowningstreet.org.

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Gary said...

Nice analysis...

It's not about turning away of course, but about doing things that will change the story for all of us (including drawing lines, but without throwing out our humanity).