1 August 2005


Ohio Watch has a nice timeline of the scandal:

  • July 31, 2003: Brian Hicks resigns as chief of staff for Governor Bob Taft to open a lobbying firm.3
  • Circa 2001-2004: Tom Noe invests an unspecified amount of money from the BWC rare coins investment in Games Inc., an internet gambling company owned by Roger Ach II prominent Cincinnati Republican businessman.2
  • 2004: Tom Noe converts $103,537 worth of Games Inc. bonds owned by the BWC rare coin funds into company stock at a time the company was approaching bankrutpcy. The conversion means the state of Ohio would have a more difficult time getting its money back because of its shareholder status.2
  • July 28, 2005: Brian Hicks, former chief of staff to Governor Bob Taft, is charged with violating ethics statute O.R.C. 102.02(D) as a result of not disclosing his stay at Tom Noe's home in Florida.47
    Cherie Carroll, Hicks’s executive assistant, is charged with accepting free meals from Tom Noe.3
  • July 29, 2005: Brian Hicks and Cherie Carroll accept plea bargains which state they must plead guility in exchange for a fine and no jail time.48
    Brian Hicks and Cherie Carroll are convicted of taking gifts from Tom Noe and fined $1000.49

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