31 July 2005

Anti-Americanism and disrespect

Former President Jimmy Carter said today, while in Birmingham, England, that the detention of terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base was an embarrassment and had given extremists an excuse to attack the U.S. Carter also criticized Shrub's War as “unnecessary and unjust.” Here are some reactions from across the blogosphere:

From On the Stump (who apparently hasn't seen a poll for the last couple years) we have the following:

Well, thank you Mistah Cahtare (if you’re in your 30’s or older you might get that humor). If the terrorists weren’t already using Guantanamo Bay as justification for terrorism, they certainly will now. I think the last election proved that “the will of the American people” is strongly with the President, NOT with the liberal anti-war protesters and the “blame America first” crowd. The anti-American crowd is the minority in this country, as evidenced by a Republican president and a Republican majority in both the house and Senate. Therefore THEY are outside the mainstream. They are the extremists.

Evidently, criticizing official policy is "anti-American" and "extreme."

At the Sandwich Shop, we're told that former presidents and other sheeple should remain silent out of "respect" for the office:

Carter has been described as "the best former president America has ever had." In fact, Carter is a stellar example of why presidents should be euthanized as soon as they leave office. From the earliest days of the Republic, it has been the tradition that former presidents stay silent about their successors, out of respect for the office.

And you always wondered what happened to those people who slept through Civics class . . .


Tran Sient said...

Carter is the wrong person to take up the cause on this, even if he is right.

Karlo said...

Then who is? The producer of Fox News? I'm not trying to defend Carter personally, but this idea that certain people should remain silent "out of respect for the office" is ridiculous. Carter's a citizen of the empire. Why shouldn't he be able to have is say?