26 June 2005

Production problems

Mark in Mexico insist that the Downing Street Memos "bruhaha" can be settled very quickly and very simply if the reporters would simply "produce the memos." If original copies of everything is the new standard of proof, why don't we hold the current administration to the same golden standard: produce the WMD; produce the proof of links between Saddam and Al Qaida; produce the mobile weapon labs; produce the intel reports (the "original memos") saying that Saddam was the greatest threat to the U.S.; produce the proof that Iraqi subcontracting was done fairly; and produce peace and stability in the Middle East.

Stop the Internet had the following to say about Mark in Mexico's demands:

Not one government official has challenged the authenticity of what the memo is saying. Here's what would have happened if these memos weren't available to anyone in a theoretical investigation of war crimes:
Step 1: Reporter patriotically releases documents purporting to be minutes from a War Council meeting in the UK. They say that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."Step 2: Tony Blair reads about this in the London Sunday Times. She changes her panties and calls her boyfriend, George.Step 3: George, after berating his girlfriend about her inability to keep her pets quiet, tells her to go back to her house and figure out how to discredit the released information.Step 4: Tony comes back and tells George that she has no way of doing so. She is physically abused before she goes to her mom's house and cries to her mom about how nice of a guy George is.

Mark, look at the Administration we have right now. The Vice President is a former CEO of a company receiving a no-bid contract in Iraq because they're the only ones that can get it done. The Secretary of State, formerly the National Security Advisor, has a goddamn oil tanker named after her by Chevron. Bush Jr. has been running oil companies (into the ground, I might add) before becoming governor of Texas and President of our threatened country.

Are you telling me these people are worthy of unfaltering trust? Are you equating the level of faith you place in those in power with the same expected when worshipping a God? Because right now, it sounds like we should completely ignore the facts until we get information that's impossible to reach until we stop ignoring the facts. This is not a partisan issue. This is the defense of our country from the inside, because it's under attack motherfucker. It's time for people to wake up and at least admit to themselves "Yes, it is a possibility that my government lied to me. It's possible that I let them." It's a tough revelation, but a relieving one when taken to heart...

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