20 June 2005

Censorship can be fun!

Blogophiles the world over are rightfully upset over the recent case of Microsoft collusion with in China. One does come across an occasional post justifying Microsoft's decision on the grounds that Microsoft is "a corporation after all" and thus can't be expected to join us in the moral universe of karmic cause and effect, but such spineless rants can usually be attributed to a sudden case of idiotitus brought on by consuming excessive quantities of uncooked Peking Duck.

In response to Microsoft's anti-democratic practices, a number or bloggers have suggested a boycott of the Chinese site or, better yet, of Microsoft itself. My guess is that the Chinese site's traffic has probably jumped up (at least temporarily) due to all of the attention. So I have another suggestion. Whenever we write anything, especially some internet document that provides useful information necessary for Chinese industrialization and technological advancement, we should place a list of banned words (freedom, democracy movement, Falun Gong, etc.) at the bottom of the text so that the document becomes invisible to Chinese search engines. If the words clutter up the document too much, they can be put at the end with a font color (e.g., white) that blends in with the page background.

Other blogments:

Greg Yardly speculates on the reasons for the sudden interest in Microsoft’s censoring of Chinese MSN Spaces blogs is spite of the fact that the censoring, as well as reports on it, aren't new.

Danny Sullivan discusses other instances of internet censorship.

On CNBlog (Chinese), Isaac is calling for a boycott of MSN Spaces.

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leftyjones said...

Great Post! Found you through Rooks Rant...I'll be back for more.


leftyjones said...

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the prisoner said...

Great post. It seems this is just a logical extension of the Great Firewall of China.

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The URL is www.pettyrage.com

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